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I AM: The Procession  

Seattle, WA 2016

I Am” acknowledges women of color affected by colorism through a majestic procession of sun goddesses declaring: “I lift myself up and I lift up my sisters.” 

-Adam Jabari

I AM: The Procession was a community art piece aimed to celebrate Women of Color while acknowledging the detrimental effects Colorism creates among each other. 

30+ Women came together and walked in solidarity in Gold, Royal Blue and White from Beacon Hill to the NW African American Museum.  Rose petals and water were tossed to each other's feet honoring our, beauty, presence and shared experiences. 


Colorism extends beyond the African Amercian/ Black community. It's a global phenomenon and is unsurprisingly, the direct result of colonialism.

Many Thanks to:

NW African American Museum for hosting the piece

Best Made Wedding Videos for the amazing video

Adam Jabari for taking some really beautiful pictures

For More Information Regarding Colorism, check out these resources:

Colorism/ Huffington Post

Ebony Magazine:


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