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"The Paths of the Glowing Resilience" 
Amazon Shine Conference 2022


I am SO HONORED that I was tapped to create a mural for Amazon's inaugural Shine Conference to honor and uplift Black Women in Executive Leadership. This piece is called "The Paths of the Glowing Resilience". I wanted to make an image that honored what Black Women in the corporate space have to navigate. Three beautiful women are forging a diamond, speaking to the pressures we face and how we can still come out strong and beautiful because of them. The paths represent the women before us and stem from the peaks and valleys of our past and push us further into the future.


Being able to present this in front 400 women on stage was amazing. I was also blessed to basically open for their main speaker (one of my very favorites) Lisa Nichols!!! She made everyone in the room cry with pride and empowerment and I got to be there for it.

If you would like to see this piece in person, it is now part of Amazon's permanent collection now hangs in the Doppler Building at Amazon Headquarters in Seattle, Wa.

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